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Static EMail Backup 2.9

Static EMail Backup 2.9e is a file backup/restore utility for Windows
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Static EMail Backup 2.9e is a file backup/restore utility for Windows. Back in the days, the developers of this application had developed solutions for the most popular e-mail clients. Now, they are all supported under a single application, which makes a lot of sense if you care more about making a good product than making a good buck. When you run the application for the first time, it will detect what client you use as your default and it will then select the folders where the settings are stored. It will also tap into your contact lists and your favorites, as well as, of course, your e-mails. I like the fact that there is a wizard that you can activate that will ask you a couple of questions and set-up the system according to your answers. It definitely makes things easier. The graphical user interface takes a bit from Microsoft Office in that it has a tabbed-like interface. Features-wise, Static EMail Backup comes as complete as you'd expect. You can either carry out a back-up process automatically, or you can schedule one. And once the backup is complete, double-clicking the file will restore it, should you need to. Also, the application can upload your backups to an FTP server or burn them to CD/DVD automatically. With support for compression, your backups shouldn't take a lot of space on the disk.

José Fernández
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  • Support for FTP, scheduler and CD/DVD burning
  • Nice interface
  • Wizard configuration


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